IPv6 is being deployed in parallel with IPv4.  They'll run side by side for at least several years, allowing time for devices and applications to add IPv6 functionality before IPv4 is disabled.  Most devices will use both IPv4 & IPv6 during the transition.  There is currently no date set for disabling IPv4.  However, IPv4 addresses are getting scarce, so it is likely that new networks & new devices on existing networks will have to use only IPv6 at some point in the near future.

The core of the uiowa campus net has been doing IPv6 since fall 2008, including external connectivity (via Internet2).  Some key network-related services (DNS & NTP) have been using IPv6 since early 2009:    

Service     Domain Name     IPv4 AddressesIPv6 Addresses
DNSdns1.uiowa.edu128.255.1.3,      2620:0:e50:2::1
 dns3.uiowa.edu128.255.1.8,  2620:0:e50:2::3

As IPv6 gets activated on client and server networks, other services will get IPv6-enabled and client systems will start using them via IPv6.

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May 19, 2016