Temporary Privileged Server Access Process 

For SAS customers that have the occasional need to have escalated access to a SAS managed server, we have created a workflow process for you to request that temporary access. If you find that consistent elevated access is a better fit for your service, please consider the co-managed service offering as an alternative.

Complete form here: https://workflow.uiowa.edu/entry/new/11868 

The form will collect your information and send it via workflow to the primary admin selected. Please remember to allow at least 1 full business day for your request to be completed. Once submitted your primary admin will complete the work and close the workflow which will trigger an email to you to let you know the requested work is complete. If you have questions or issues related to your request, such as a change in plans, please contact your admin via normal channels. 

Information you will need to complete the form is below. Items with * are Required fields 

*Server: full hostname is preferred 

*Sensitive information: If server contains sensitive information, a copy of the request will be sent to ISPO for audit purposes 

*Work being performed: Please be as complete and accurate as possible. This will give your primary admin better insight into server changes and help them to better support your application. Include version numbers for upgrades, planned changes, etc. 

*Account to be granted access: Enter the admin ID of the user needing escalated access or the group of admin IDs for your team. 

*Primary ITS EI Admin: select your primary admin from the people chooser.  

*Work start date and time: Date that you need escalated access to the server. To reduce risk, make the selection as close to the time of the actual work as possible. Typical requests should be for a max of 24 hours 

*Work end date and time: Date/time that you plan your work and any troubleshooting to be completed. 

Snapshots: Our default will be to take a VM snapshot just prior to your work to commence. Typical snapshot is taken with the server running. If you want a snapshot with the VM powered off, please include that in the notes. 

*Rollback: What is your rollback plan in the event the work doesn’t go as planned? Our default is a snapshot rollback, but add any other items to the notes for your request 

Monitoring: Most servers are monitored by EI. Depending on the alerting hours and the time of your scheduled work, it is appreciated that false alerts are not sent to the EI on-call admin. We will typically stop all alerts for your server during the window of time requested for privileged server access. If something different is desired, please add that to the request. 

Notes and Comments: Please add any additional information that would be helpful to your system administrator related to your request. 

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April 27, 2021