Specialized Application Services (EI-SAS) has system administrators who are able to advise and help troubleshoot on a wide variety of systems where problems or outages may occur. We offer this as a standard service for SAS managed applications and we also offer on an hourly basis for comanaged customers (from TPS) that are requesting application/sysadmin support services from SAS.

In order to request support, this is the basic process to follow:

During business hours support (billable)

  1. Contact its-ei-sas via email or SAS IT Director or staff member directly. Within the contact method, provide the following information:
    1. Description of the problem
    2. Server or service that is impacted and scope of the issue or outage
    3. When did the problem begin and when did it last work correctly
    4. Contact information to communicate with team requesting support – phone and email preferred
    5. MFK for covering the hourly charges for support ($125/hour for non-SAS customers)
  2. EI-SAS on-call admin will review the initial request and contact the customer if appropriate or discuss with IT Director to determine who is available to help with troubleshooting
    1. Availability to provide support is dependent on current staff availability and the understanding that existing SAS customers have priority service
    2. It is our goal to be able to respond within 60 minutes to requests, but there may be times when it takes longer due to other issues getting resolved.
  3. EI-SAS staff will prefer to assist via screen sharing as they will not have system access by default and a Teams or Zoom meeting is preferred for the troubleshooting session if system access is required.
    1. If elevated access is required for EI-SAS admin to diagnose and fix the issue, it will be up to the customer to grant and remove the access when completed.
    2. Access to existing documentation or change log information is often helpful when diagnosing issues.
  4. Upon successfully correcting the problem, the EI-SAS administrator will write a brief summary of the work performed and the number of hours required to fix the issue(s) and send it to the EI-SAS Director in order to enter into the billing system for payment of the rate of $125/hour

After Hours Support (billable)

Please follow the after hours support process documented here: https://its.uiowa.edu/support/article/121596. MFK will also be needed for hourly charges incurred.

Note: Since EI-SAS staff will not likely have system access, a representative from the customer will need to be available for screen sharing or to grant temporary system access to the staff that assists.

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December 9, 2022