Keep your macOS updated

Updating your macOS software will keep your Mac safe by applying bug fixes and security improvements. It is always a good idea to apply macOS software updates when they become available. macOS desktops and laptops that are managed by ITS will apply critical updates as needed and will prompt you if interaction is required to complete the updates. You may also receive periodic reminders to apply macOS software updates.

Here’s how to manually check for macOS updates:

  1. Select System Settings... from the Apple menu.

    When clicking on the Apple logo, a drop down menu with system settings... is highlighted
  2. In the following window, click the General tab on the left-side menu.
    System settings page is open with the General tap on the left-side menu is highlighted
  3. Then click the Software Update button, this is where you will see if you have any software updates for your device.
    Software Update page is on the system settings window with no updates to be made.

Back up your files!

Having a backup of your files is always a good idea. ITS offers several back up services, also don't hesitate to speak with your IT Support Consultant about your options:

New to the Mac?

Apple's list of Mac keyboard shortcuts:

Apple's list of Mac multi-touch gestures for trackpad and mouse:

Helpful Links

Apple's support site:

For help with troubleshooting, contact the ITS Help Desk:

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August 31, 2023