A global IP address is meant to be publicly accessible from the Internet.

A local-scope IP address is not routable to the Internet. This means that if your device is assigned local-scope address, your device will not be able to access the Internet, however you will still be able to access campus network resources. A device that requires access to, or reachability from the Internet should be configured with an global IP address.

The University of Iowa is currently assigned the following global IP address ranges:

  IPv4                                                                          IPv6 -                     2620:0:e50::/44 -

The University of Iowa currently utilizes the following local-scoped IP address range:

  IPv4                                                                          IPv6  -                           fd9a:2c75:7d0c::/48 (reserved; see https://itsecurity.uiowa.edu/policies-standards-guidelines/network-and-airspace-policy)

Added for Skype Telephony (HCIS-hosted):


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February 15, 2023