Qualtrics' online data collection software service is available to the University community at no cost. Our Getting Started page will serve as a portal to various guides and instructions for using Qualtrics at the University of Iowa.

Before you begin...

Policies & Guidelines:  Familiarize yourself with the policies and guidelines for conducting surveys at The University of Iowa.

Online Survey Best Practices:  This article will assist you in getting the most out of your survey projects by following some ITS suggested Best Practices.

How do I...

Log in to the Qualtrics online survey software?  Ready to create your first survey? Log in to the customized University of Iowa portal for Qualtrics to get started!

Create a survey:  A project consists of a survey, distribution record, and collection of responses and reports. Learn how to create your first project in Qualtrics.

Create from a survey:  Learn how to create a copy of an existing survey.

Make a backup copy of a survey:  Learn how to make backup copies of your surveys in Qualtrics, using the export feature.

Import survey:  Learn how to import questions as .txt or .QSF files.

Export a survey:  Learn how to export your survey.

Print a survey:  Learn how to print a copy of your survey.

Collaborate with others:  Learn how to collaborate on surveys with others.

Activate a survey:  Learn how to activate your survey, in order to begin collecting responses.

Testing and editing an active survey:  Learn how to avoid invalidating responses by testing and editing the survey prior to accepting responses.

Distribute a survey Learn the various methods for distributing your survey to respondents.


For additional information and training resources pertaining to Qualtrics, please see the article "What Qualtrics training options are available to me?".

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September 23, 2021