There have been a limited number of requests for 1) a group of related mailings or 2) several mailings to a specific population over a period of time. In the case of multiple mailings, a general "extended period" permission may be most appropriate. Colleges and departments, especially, may need this added flexibility and convenience. Each approving office will make the final determination as to whether it is appropriate for the requester to send a group of mailings (without returning each time for approval). Each approving office involved in the mailings will check the appropriate "Approval" box on the Massmail Approval Form to note the permission boundaries.

There are 3 categories of mailings:

  • Single mailing — one message to the targeted audience(s).
  • Group of Related mailings — a group of related or similar messages to the targeted audience(s). For example:
    • An initial message is sent, followed at a later date by a reminder message about the same event.
    • A message, very similar in content, is sent to multiple populations, e.g., all Freshmen and Sophomores, all Junior and Seniors, etc.
    • A single message may be sent multiple times, depending on a particular condition, such as weather.
  • Mailings for an Extended Period of time — multiple messages with different content sent to the targeted audience(s) over a period of time. For example:
    • A department may send several messages to different groups of students in the department re: various academic issues.
    • The Registar may send academic-related messages to all students during the course of a semester.

IRB research mailings -- see Mass Email FAQ for IRB information

Note: Student organizations and non-academic departments may send two mass emails to all students each semester, so approval for multiple mailings does not apply.

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August 26, 2019