Note for Student Organizations:  Prior to submission and approval a mass email that promotes events or meetings, the events and meetings must be approved through the Engage Platform (  Additional information about managing your student organization can be found here:

Once you have composed your message and are ready to submit it, you can begin the Mass Mail process.  It is recommended you allow 5-7 work days for the request to be approved.  **NOTE -- the ITS mailbox for processing approvals, changes to test messages, ok's to test messages, etc. is checked during normal business hours Mon-Fri 8am - 4:30pm. After hours and weekends, the mailbox is not checked so messages will not be processed.

Review the Mass Mail Best Practices and the Mass Mail Policy Information articles. Other articles under How to and Support on the Mass Mail support page may also be useful to you.

  1. Open Request for Mass E-mail and login with your HawkID and HawkID password.  (NOTE:  Do not use Internet Explorer)
  2. Click the +Create New Massmail button. 
  3. Fill out the request form and make sure to complete every field. 

The To: field is typically the audience that you are sending the message to -- All Students, All Faculty, Staff and Students, All Hawkeyes, etc.

If you are copying/pasting from Word (or similar program), we recommend pasting as plain text and do the formatting in the Massmail request itself.  Otherwise, you could end up with special characters when you don't want them. 

  1. Choose the correct category for your mass mail request (e.g., Research Recruitment, Departmental Info, etc.)
  2. Change the Earliest and Latest Send Date and Time fields to the desired day/time.  These fields default to current date.  (Microsoft Edge users be sure to click the checkmark to save any changes).
  3. Provide a valid email address in the FROM, Reply-to and Requestor Email fields - NOTE: addresses will NOT work
  4. Be sure to click the Step Two: Population tab to choose to whom the message will be sent (e.g., All Staff, All Faculty, Staff and Students, All Students, Selected Students, etc.) -- if you select All Students or All Staff or All Faculty or All Faculty, Staff and Students -- anything put in the "additional target criteria" field is ignored.  If you want to send to a select population (e.g., freshman/sophomore students with 3.5 GPA), you must choose one or more of the Selected populations (e.g., Selected Students, Selected Staff, Selected Faculty) buttons and then put the additional criteria needed in the "additional target criteria" field (e.g., freshman/sophomore students with 3.5 GPA).
  5. If you are sending to Faculty, be sure to read the Provost's Office Guidelines for Mass E-mails To and From Faculty
  6. IRB Research mailings -- see Mass Email FAQ for IRB information
  7. If you get any sort of error (e.g., missing fields) then be sure to verify that all of the information is correct, especially the Earliest and Latest send dates and times.
  8. If you are inviting people to an event and/or meeting, you must click Yes to the "Is this message inviting people to a meeting or an event?" and fill in the appropriate contact information to include the UI Accessibility Statement (see The statement will be added automatically when you submit your massmail if you click Yes.
  9. If you have multiple requests to send, please note in the Notes field that this is message 1 of 3, etc. and submit a separate request for each one
  1. If you need to insert an image (Note: must be a .jpg or .png) - NOTE:  Be sure to follow all steps to insert the image.
    1. Click Asset Manager
    2. Click Upload File
    3. Select the image and click Open
    4. Click Copy Link
    5. Click Insert/Edit Image icon
    6. In Source field, paste the link you just copied. 
  2. Click the Submit Massmail Request button at the bottom of the Request Form.  
  3. After the ITS Enterprise Communications team receives approval for your request, we will generate a test message. Review the test message carefully (e.g., verify the URLs are valid) and then notify that the message is OK to send or if there are changes.  Note: Minor corrections, spelling, and line breaks are allowed. Corrections must be specifically listed. We manually make the edits so must know the specific change needed and what paragraph, sentence, words, etc.  Major changes may require resubmitting for approval. Verify any links included in the message work correctly.
  4. Once you OK the test message, the message will be queued to send to the target audience on the specified date.
  5. You will receive a copy of the message when it is sent.
  6. After the message is sent, you will receive a log file indicating the number of recipients and time/date sent.

NOTE:  If your mailing is approved and you want to send to a selected group of faculty and/or staff, please contact your departmental HR representative to submit a Web Query to obtain the list of University ID #'s (8 characters). Send the file of University ID #'s, one per line, to and include a reference to the subject of the mailing, the requestor name as entered on the request form and the ITS Message ID shown on the request form

If you have additional questions after reviewing the above steps, contact the ITS E-mail Team ( for assistance.


NOTE:   If you accidentally submit the message with the wrong category, wrong population, wrong date, wrong text, etc., you will need to re-submit the Massmail request. You can clone the message you first submitted and change the information if you don't want to re-type your information.  


  1. Choose “Clone From Template
  2. Select the message you want to clone
  3. Click Select
  4. Change the information needed 
  5. In the Additional information field, let us know to delete the first request. 
  6. Click Submit Massmail Request.  This will create the new request and get routed for approval.


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November 2, 2022