Once you have composed your message and are ready to submit it, you can begin the mass mail process.  It is recommended you allow 7 work days for the request to be approved.

Review the Mass Mail Best Practices and the Mass Mail Policy Information articles. Other articles under How to and Support on the Mass Mail support page may also be useful to you.

  1. Fill out a Request for Mass E-mail — make sure to complete every field.
  1. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the Request Form.
  2. You should see a new screen with the notice: "Your request has been submitted".  Print this page and attach it to the Approval Form.  

Note: If you do not see the "Your request has been submitted" page, then there are incomplete fields on the Request Form. You will see a notice in red letters at the top of the Request Form (e.g., "Please provide a valid @uiowa.edu email address in the FROM, Reply-to and Requestor Email fields.") Enter the information to complete the form and click Submit again. ***Be sure to print the "Your request has been submitted" page. 

  1. If you plan to send multiple mailings, see Requesting Approval for Multiple Mailings for additional information.
  2. Print the PDF iconApprovalForm-MassEmailRequest.pdf
  3. Obtain the appropriate signatures. Start with Section 1 (Dean, Director, Departmental Executive Officer).  
    *Student groups should start with Center for Student Involvement and Leadership (CSIL) - 157 IMU.
    *IRB Research mailings should start with the Human Subjects Office (HSO) - 105 HLHS
  4. For Section 3, the approving department will sign the approval form and if needed, route to the next approver (if more than one signature is needed).  They will then send the signed Approval Form, along with the printed copy of the Request Form, to the ITS E-Mail Team (7 WORK days BEFORE the message send date is recommended). Mailing address and fax numbers are listed below.
  5. If your mailing is approved and you want to send to a selected group of faculty and/or staff, please contact your departmental HR representative to submit a Web Query to obtain the list of University ID #'s (8 characters). Send the file of University ID #'s, one per line, to its-email@uiowa.edu and include a reference to the subject of the mailing, the requestor name as entered on the request form and the ITS Message ID shown on the request form.
  6. After the ITS E-Mail Team receives the Approval Form, we will generate a test message. Review the test message carefully and then notify the ITS E-Mail team that the message is ok to send or if there are changes.
  7. Once you ok the test message, the message will be queued to send to the target audience on the specified date.
  8. After the message is sent, you will receive a log file indicating the number of recipients and time/date sent.

Return completed forms to:

ITS E-Mail Team
re: Mass E-Mail Request
2800 UCC
Iowa City, IA 52242


Fax: 335-5505 ATTN: ITS E-Mail Team

If you have additional questions after reviewing the above steps, contact the ITS E-mail Team (its-email@uiowa.edu) for assistance.

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August 7, 2018