In general, most students do not bring their own printers to campus. The university offers both Instructional Technology Centers (ITCs) and wireless Web Print all across campus, including in residence halls and ITCs. Find information on where ITCs are located and what services are available in them and guides on how to get started using Web Print with your personal devices.

Personal printers are not allowed on any of the university wired or wireless networks, including eduroam or UI-DeviceNet, and will be disabled.

If you still prefer to bring a personal printer to campus, to use it you will need bring a cable to connect the printer to the device you want to print from. Follow the instructional manual provided with your printer for guidance on setting up wired printing for your device.

Note: Personal wireless routers are also not allowed within the university residence halls, as these are less secure and cause interference and disruption to university networks. Personal wireless routers brought to campus will be immediately administratively disabled.


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September 22, 2021