Access to the Weeg computing lab located in the South Lindquist building next to the parking lot is done by swiping your ID in the card reader located by the door. 

Swipe your card in the card reader and you will hear a click and the door can be opened. The door handle does not turn rather you pull the door open. If it does not open try again. Make sure you are swiping the card with the magnetic strip towards the largest part of the card reader.

If this is your first time it can take a few minutes for your information to go through the authentication process and allow your card to open the door. You will need to swipe your card again. Swiping it many times real fast does not speed the process up.

Once you open the outside door you will need to swipe your card again by swiping your card through the reader by the lab door.

If your card is not opening the door call the ITS Help Desk and give them your HawkID.

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Last updated: 
December 1, 2016