Updating your HawkID password in any of these individual applications will not change your HawkID password for any other services or applications.

To change your HawkID password, see the HawkID website.

To remove or update your saved HawkID password in System Preferences:

  1. On the Wireless menu, choose Open Network Preferences

  2. Select the Advanced button and then choose Wi-Fi tab

  3. It is not possible to update your password in the configuration settings. Instead, select the eduroam network from the Preferred Networks list and click the - (minus) button below the list to remove it. Then re-connect to the eduroam network through the WiFi menu along the toolbar at the top of the screen in order to prompt your username (in the form HawkID@uiowa.edu) and password

Windows 10

1. Select the wireless icon to bring up the option for Network Settings

eduroam: check mark connect automatically

2. Scroll down the Wi-Fi screen and select Manage Wi-Fi settings

Wi-Fi Hidden Network

3. Scroll down to Manage known networks, select eduroam, then select Forget

Manage Wi-Fi Settings: Wi-Fi Sense

4. Connect to the eduroam network through the Wi-Fi menu in order to prompt your username (in the form HawkID@uiowa.edu) and password.

Windows 8

  1. Right click on eduroam to select Forget this network from the dropdown menu


2. Connect to the eduroam network through the Wi-Fi menu in order to prompt your username (in the form HawkID@uiowa.edu) and password.

Windows 7

  1. Right click on eduroam to select Properties from the dropdown menu

eduroam right-hand click Properties

2. Select the Security Tab and remove the check from the box next to “Remember my credentials for this connection each time I'm logged on”. The next time you connect to the eduroam network you will be prompted for your username (in the form HawkID@uiowa.edu) and password

eduroam wireless network properties

When you change your HawkID password, you'll need to update the password saved on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad in order to access the UI Wireless network. 

1. In a UI Wireless hotspot, touch Settings, Wi-Fi, and select the blue icon at the end of the line after eduroam

connected to eduroam Wi-Fi

2. Tap Forget this Network

eduroam wi-fi network

3. Return to the Wi-Fi screen and tap eduroam again. You will be prompted for your Username and password.
NOTE: If eduroam only prompts you for a password, you can manually set up the eduroam network to override the existing connection by choosing Other network. Select Security, then select WPA2 Enterprise. Go back and enter eduroam for Name, your HawkID@uiowa.edu and password, and touch Join

4. Enter your HawkID@uiowa.edu for the Username and password and touch Join

5. Touch Accept to accept the AddTrust External CA certificate


These instructions are provided as a guideline only. Due to the various versions of the Android OS on different models of mobile devices, your options may not be exactly the same as outlined below. For hands-on assistance configuring your Android phone to connect to the UI Wireless network, stop by the ITS Help Desk with your device.

To connect your Android OS device to the eduroam network:

  1. In the Settings app, choose Wireless & Networks
  2. Select Wi-Fi Settings

Android Wi-Fi Settings

3. Click on the eduroam network (see information below if this network does not appear)*

Android eduroam Settings

4. If presented with a Credentials Manager password prompt, enter your Droid Credentials Manager password (This is not your HawkID password. If you do not know the Credentials Manager password, clear it by going to Settings > Location and Security > Clear storage, then repeat steps 2-3.)

5. Click in the password field to remove the old password and enter the new one

Android eduroam Password

6. Click Connect

Devices with Android version 2.2 may have problems connecting to UI Wireless. This is a known issue with Android, and the solution is to upgrade to Android 2.3. Review instructions to determine the version of Android on your device.

Several Android users have reported issues with the device not reconnecting to the UI Wireless network automatically after the display screen times out and goes dark on the device. Simply turning off the Wi-Fi and turning it back on resolves the problem. There are several Motorola forum discussions ongoing with similar issues on enterprise-level secure wireless networks. At this time there is not a resolution for this issue.

*Previous versions of the Android operating system on other smartphones may offer slightly different options or may not see the Eduroam network, even when in a UI Wireless hot spot. Some users have had success connecting Android OS phones by adding a Wi-Fi network with the Network SSID set to Eduroam and selecting WPA-EAP initially for security, and changing the EAP method from PEAP to TTLS. 

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January 28, 2020