What is Calendar Combiner?

The Calendar Combiner tool provides the ability to place calendar items such as course meeting times and locations, University holidays, and Registrar dates on your Office 365 calendar automatically. Details of the academic dates are listed on the Registrar website.

How do I use it?

To get started, log into the Calendar Combiner tool and choose the options of what you'd like to add to your Office 365 calendar. When finished click save changes.

When you check/uncheck a box and submit your changes, those changes will apply to your Office 365 calendar overnight. For example: if you make a change to your course schedule (i.e. add/drop a class), those changes will not be reflected on your Office 365 calendar until the next day.

What if my courses don't appear on my calendar?

If courses don't appear on your calendar, please verify the following information:

  • Check that all current courses are correct in MyUI. The Calendar Combiner tool pulls the course data from MyUI.
  • The "Your course meeting times" option in the Calendar Combiner tool in DIY must be checked.
  • Changes to your class schedule won’t appear in Calendar Combiner until the next day.
  • If this information is all correct, please contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance.

What if I have duplicates?

If you notice duplicate entries on your calendar (e.g. duplicate holidays, class schedules, etc.) please try the following:

  • Login to the Calendar Combiner tool with your HawkID and Password.
  • Uncheck the option(s) for which you are receiving duplicates
  • Click Submit Changes
  • Recheck the options to place them back on your calendar.
  • Click the Submit Changes

This should remove all of the entries for the options that you unchecked. Check your Office 365 calendar to see if the entries have been removed. If you still see some entries, manually delete them from Office 365. 

All Calendar Combiner entries can be found on your calendar by searching on the keyword "calendarcombiner" without spaces. This will bring up a list of all Calendar Combiner entries.  Click the X to close the search dialog to bring you back to your normal calendar view.

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January 13, 2020