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Bookings gives you a faster alternative to time-consuming and repetitive scheduling tasks. Customize appointment details and booking requirements, and specify service providers to streamline the booking experience. Integration with Outlook calendars helps to quickly find available time to avoid double-booking, and an easy-to-navigate webpage lets your customers find and book appointments from anywhere. 

Bookings is currently available to those faculty/staff/students with an O365 mailbox.  


NOTE:  Beginning July 15, 2023, users who have the mobile app installed will not be able to access Bookings via the mobile app. Users will need to use the Bookings web page -- https://book.ms


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Beginning January 10, 2023, all faculty, staff, and student Office 365 accounts will have access to Microsoft Bookings. Bookings includes a web-based booking calendar that integrates with Outlook for your customers to schedule time with your team. Find additional information on how to use Bookings.

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Friday, January 13, 2023 - 5:00pm