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Wednesday, February 28, 2024 - 12:44pm

ITS ramps up email security efforts 

Starting March 7, ITS will apply changes that will impact university and healthcare email security. These features are a combination of tools designed to protect your account from phishing, spam, and malware attacks.  

What you can expect  

You may notice some slight differences when checking your Microsoft 365 email in Outlook (via browser, desktop, and mobile apps). The three most noticeable changes include: 

  • Email security tips: Outlook will display a security tip when users receive email from new contacts warning them to be cautious. 
  • Safe links: Microsoft Safe Links detects and removes malicious links in email messages. When clicking a link (URL) from Outlook, you may notice it is quickly checked by Microsoft’s security tools. If the website is safe you will arrive at the destination. However, if the website is questionable or unsafe, you will receive a warning. 
  • Safe attachments: Microsoft Safe Attachments checks email attachments for malicious content before delivering them to your inbox to safeguard your email account. 

Learn about all the security tips and updates that will be enabled in the email security enhancement support article.   

Stay vigilant  

Email security tips, safe links, and safe attachments are new tools to improve email security, but cybercriminals will do their best to outsmart these protections to access your personal information. The single best way to protect yourself is to stay vigilant. Learn how to spot phishing attempts with our list of tips to avoid phishing scams to protect your personal information and email account.