The order forms are a tool to collect financial and usage information for the tools that are volume purchased (discounted at a particular number of licenses). We order on behalf of the campus and need to charge at a per license cost and retain usage data for renewal and compliance. The form is submitted by the departments and ITS will fulfill the orders and provide the license information for the campus users to get access to the software or technology tool within the workflow package.

Contacts should not approve this workflow until the ITS Campus Software Office has provided the license information in the Order Processing Section. If you approve it prior to that you will not receive your license information necessary to deploy the purchased tool. Your order will be fulfilled or responded to within one working day.

UI Offered Software and Technology Tools

  1. Click on the title of the tool you are interested in.
  2. Read through the details on the tool offered.
  3. Go to the How to Obtain section, click on the order form listed in the section.

Run the MFK through the General Ledger Master File Key Validation Tool.

If it works in the validation tool and not in the workflow, contact the Workflow support group. Let them know what form you are working in.

For most tools we do need this information for compliance and software delivery. Many tools are delivered to the campus end user’s system (IOWA domain) via Software Center (Windows) or Self Service (Mac).

Check the Universal Workflow Inbox.

If it is not there, when in the Inbox click “My History”, it should appear there, if you know the workflow ID you can put that into the search field to scope the search.

You could also contact the ITS Campus Software Office and asked to be put back into the workflow. Please provide the workflow ID and HawkID of the person to be added in.

Open up the workflow package for the desired order, go to the bottom of the workflow>click Show Supporting Text>Download as PDF.

Check the Universal Workflow Inbox.

Open the applicable order form.

If your order form is not in the Inbox click “My History”, it should appear there. If you know the workflow ID you can put that into the search field to scope the search.

Go to the Order Information (towards the bottom), if the order has been processed the license information should show up in that section. 


The Order Information section will note Order Complete with the license information below. 

This is part of the campus license, the yearly campus license is negotiated on a specific date and all license expirations are tied to this.  A campus license gives us volume discounts which benefits the campus.

Many tools are volume purchased, not used site wide so we may not have ITS or Health Care support for these tools. If this is the case, go to the Offered Tools site and click on the affiliated tool. The support information is in the Support and Training section.