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Peerceptiv is a tool to augment peer-review of writing. It enables instructors to describe the assignment and the process of peer review, create reviewing rubrics, and establish a communication framework for students to share and respond to each other’s work. The platform supports peer review not only of written work, but also videos, business plans, presentations and other types of works that can benefit from peer assessment.

In addition to its peer-review capabilities, Peerceptiv offers a convenient peer-evaluating tool. This tool seamlessly integrates with member rosters created in either Peerceptiv or pre-existing groups in ICON. Through Team Member Evaluations, students can anonymously evaluate their peers' work using Peerceptiv's pre-loaded rubric or a rubric customized by an instructor to their own evaluation criteria. 

Support articles, how-tos, frequently asked questions, and more are available at the Office of Teaching, Learning and Technology's Peerceptiv webpage.

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