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NOTICE: Several variations of fraudulent e-mail messages claiming to be from UIOWA Support, UIOWA.EDU, Webmaster@uiowa, etc. have been reported over the last several months. These e-mails claim you must reply with personal information, such as your password, or risk having your accounts deactivated.

These are not legitimate messages. ITS will never request your password be sent in an e-mail.

Protect Your Computer and Personal Information!

ITS offers a number of different services to help you protect your computer.  We recommend using the following steps below to help protect your computer from viruses and from being compromised.

  1. Use an Internet Firewall
  2. Make sure your computer is updated
  3. Have updated antivirus software installed
  4. Be aware of and protect yourself from phishing scams
  5. Protect yourself from spyware

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