The Human Subjects Office in collaboration with Information Technology Services has developed a web-based Iowa Review Board (IRB) application and review system, called HawkIRB.

Hawk IRB is a fully-integrated, web-based system for human subject researchers and the IRB.  Our goal was to develop a nearly-paperless system that provides much more information to the investigator about the IRB review and approval process as it occurs.  Web-based, primarily electronic systems appear to be the future direction for IRBs and investigators, and similar systems are currently being developed at other major academic institutions.

Some major features of HawkIRB are:

  • on-line submission of application forms and Consent Documents,
  • an electronic workflow process through which you will communicate with the IRB regarding review and approval of your applications,
  • a "My Projects" home page through which you will be able to view detailed IRB workflow information about all of your projects,
  • IRB approval memos and stamped Consent Documents returned to you electronically -- no more waiting for campus mail,
  • reminder notices for continuing review sent by e-mail to PIs and contact persons.

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May 19, 2016