This support article pertains to the SiteNow v1 platform. Click here for SiteNow v2 documentation.

Why use reusable custom content panes?

Reusable custom content panes allow you to display a chunk of content one multiple pages of your site. Reusable custom content panes are often used to display lists of links or contact information.

Creating a reusable custom content pane

  1. In the Administrative toolbar at the top of the page, click on 'Structure'.
  2. Click on 'Custom content panes'.
  3. If there are existing reusable custom content panes in your site, they will be listed here. To add another, click the '+ Add' button in the upper left.
  4. You will be presented with several different boxes to enter text into.
    • The 'Administrative title' enables you to easily recognize this content pane and select it from a list of created content panes later.
    • Similarly, the 'Administrative description' provides you a description of the content pane that helps you to identify it for later use.
    • Adding a category is optional. All custom content panes in the same category will be grouped together for easy selection during placement onto a page.
    • The 'Title' will appear as a heading on your pane.
    • The 'Body' is the content of your pane.
      The creation screen for a reusable custom content pane
  5. Click 'Save' and you will return to the list of all reusable custom content panes. 
  6. Go to step 3 to create another if desired.

Editing existing reusable custom content panes

  1. In the Administration menu at the top of the page, click the 'Structure' button.
  2. Click the 'Custom content panes link.
  3. In the 'Operations' column click the 'Edit' link to the right of the specific content pane you wish to edit.

    NOTE:  Editing an existing content pane that has already been placed on pages in your site will update all the instances of that pane. 
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October 8, 2019