Note:  The availability to place different types of nodes (e.g., basic pages, articles, etc.) in a menu will depend on the configuration of your website and the role of your user account.

  1. Login to the website and go to the edit form of the node you want to create a menu link for (if the node has already been created). You will already be on the edit form if you are in the process of creating the node.
  2. Toward the bottom of the form, on the 'Menu Settings' tab check the 'Provide a menu link' box. This will cause additional fields to be displayed.
    menu settings tab on a basic page with box to provide a link unchecked
    menu settings tab on a basic page with box to provide a menu link checked
  3. Enter information into the additional fields that are displayed after checking the box.
    • In the menu link title field, provide the text to display for the menu link. By default this will be the same as the title of your page, though you may change this if you like.
    • Optionally provide a brief description, which will be displayed when a visitor hovers over the menu link.
    • Use the drop-downs in the parent item section to select the parent item of the menu link one level at a time.

      Menu items which have children are denoted with a triangle. When a menu item with children is selected, another drop-down list containing the next level of menu items will appear to the right.
      menu item with a triangle to denote child linksdrop-down containing child links of the selected link

    • In the menu link weight section, use the handles drag and drop handle to the left of the menu link names to drag and drop the links up/down so that they are in the order you want.
      Table of menu links with the order changed
  4. Click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the form to implement your changes.
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March 28, 2017