About Find Text

Find Text is a tool that enables you to enter in a word or phrase and find places that word or phrase appears on your site.

This tool is available on all SiteNow Standard websites. If you would like this tool enabled on a SiteNow Custom website, please contact your primary developer or the ITS Help Desk.

How to use Find Text

1. Start by going to 'Content' in the toolbar at the top left of your screen.

top toolbar with content button highlighted

2. On the right hand side of the resulting page, select 'Find Text.'

toolbar with find text button

3. Enter the word or phrase you are searching for in the provided text box and click 'Find Text.'

4. You should get a screen like this, where the appearances of your word or phrase are organized based on the type of website component they occupy.

search results of find text
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June 1, 2016