Student accounts: Will remain active up to one (1) year after your graduation date, however, if you leave the UI for reasons other than graduation (drop enrollment, etc.) your site will be removed within 30 days. If you would like your account removed upon graduation, or at any time within one year after graduation, please contact the ITS Help Desk to request an account removal.

Faculty and staff accounts: Accounts are subject to removal within 30 days of a change of status and/or leaving the employ of the UI.


  • Accounts are removed without notification when one's eligibility expires.
  • Accounts not utilized within 30 days after being established are subject to removal without notice.
  • Periodically, ITS will audit accounts for activity. Accounts that are no longer in use, have had no file updates or other activity in the last 12 months are subject to removal without notice.
  • Any account found in non-compliance with the IT Resources Acceptable Use policy or the terms outlined in the MyWeb support center is subject to removal without notice.

Be sure to maintain a full and current backup of your site content. Once an account is deleted due to loss of eligibility, a copy of your site content cannot be restored or provided on any medium (CD, flash drive, etc.).

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October 21, 2016