ITS has implemented a prefix of ”Grp365-“ that will be automatically prepended to the names of all new Office 365 (O365) Groups. For example, a new O365 Group created by a user with the name “ProjectX” will be provisioned with the name “Grp365-ProjectX” and the associated Group email address would be "".

Please note this change will not affect standard Exchange email groups, distribution lists or AD groups. The prefix is being added to easily identify O365 Groups in the Global Address List (GAL) and for Administrative purposes (e.g. metrics, reporting, etc.).

Microsoft provides good starting guides at the following sites:

Get Started with Office 365 Groups:

Learn about Office 365 Groups: Office 365

Use Groups in the Outlook mobile app:

Microsoft Groups App:  for iOS and Android is retired.  See Groups in the Outlook mobile app (above) instead.

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December 19, 2018