Polycom Desk Phones provide essential telephone functions for Skype for Business users.  The pull-down menus below provide access to Quick Start guides and login information.

    The resources below provide instructions for functions such as:

    • Answering a call
    • Terminating a call
    • Placing a call on hold
    • Transferring a call
    • Forwarding your calls
    • Processing voice mail

    VoIP Phone Resources 

    Polycom Phone Login Overview

    In order to use your Polycom phone, you must login, or sign into the phone.  This is typically a one-time process and can be automated or performed manually.   The different login options are discussed below:


    Automatic Login

    Most Polycom VoIP phones are setup to automatically sign you in.  Your local IT Support person will work with Skype for Business team members to set this up. 


    Login Using your Phone's Extension and Pin Number 

    1. Select the SignIn soft key
    2. Choose the second option for PIN AUTH
    3. In the Extension field, enter your completed number including 1 and area code, without any spaces or hyphens.  For example, 13195551234.
    4. For PIN, enter the pin that was assigned to you.
      • See the pull-down menu below for more details in the PIN.


    Login Using Your HawkID

    1. Select the SignIn soft key.
    2. Select first option for User Cred
    3. Enter the following in to the phone when prompted:
    • Sign-In Address: jane-doe@uiowa.edu
    • Domain: IOWA
    • User: jdoe (HawkID)
    • Password: HawkID Password


    You can use a PIN to sign in to the Polycom desktop phone. Follow the instructions below to obtain or reset this PIN.

    1. Navigate to dialin.uiowa.edu
    2. Click Sign In

    3. Click Reset your PIN and choose a new PIN

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    January 20, 2023