PIN Overview

Skype for Business Enterprise Voice:

This service allows real-time communication between users inside and outside of the University through voice calls over the internet.

User PIN Purposes:

  • Dial-In Meetings
  • VoIP Phone Sign-in

A Conferencing PIN is used to join, by phone dial-in, Skype meetings you've organized. It is also the same PIN used to sign into your desktop VoIP phone.

When do I need a Conferencing  PIN?

  • The Conferencing PIN is required for meeting organizers that dial-in to join a meeting.  If you join a Skype meeting as the organizer by using a method other than dialing-in, then you do not need a PIN.
  • The Conferencing PIN can be used to sign into your VoIP phone.  If you sign into your VoIP phone using your HawkID credentials (email address and password), then you do not need a PIN.

How is a Conferencing PIN reset?

  1. Users can change their Conferencing PIN by either:
    • Navigating to directly
    • Selecting 'Pin' from the Skype for Business dial pad 
    • Clicking the 'Forgot PIN' link in a Skype meeting invitation
  2. From the webpage, click 'Sign In'
  3. Enter your Username (iowa\HawkID) and Password
  4. Follow the prompts to reset your PIN

Important note: If you phone extension is not configured, you are most likely not Enterprise Voice enabled and need to contact the ITS Help Desk to get your Conferencing PIN changed.

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Last updated: 
September 8, 2020