ITS‐Administrative Information Systems Institutional Data and Data Management (ITS‐AIS IDDM) provides MS SQL Server Database Management and Administration Services. These services include the physical design, implementation and maintenance of the database infrastructure as well as data security, data integrity, and backup/recovery. Microsoft data platform applications available beyond the core Database Engine product include: Integration Services (SSIS), Analysis Services (SSAS), Reporting Services (SSRS), PowerBI, and R. 

Database consulting services including migrations, upgrades, performance tuning, or development review may also be available and are generally free of change to customers funded through GEF allocations. 


There are four ITS managed service offerings for MS SQL Server: 

Shared Hosting Service 

This offering is the default database option and recommended for all customers.  Shared Hosting is a database-as-a-service (DBaaS) style solution and is appropriate for any application where access rights can be scoped to an individual database. SQL Server versions available are restricted to those in Microsoft Mainstream Support and Microsoft data platform applications in this offering include the Database Engine, Integration Services, Reporting Services, and Analysis Services (Tabular). 

There is no chargeback to the customer for basic database hosting on this service.  Additional database consulting services are usually free of charge to customers funded through GEF allocations. 


Dedicated MS SQL Server Instance 

This offering is intended for applications that require isolation for day‐to‐day operations and cannot use the Shared Hosting Service.  Examples of when this platform-as-a-service (PaaS) style solution may be appropriate include: applications that need escalated server-wide permissions for daily operations; systems that require the application and database to be co‐located on the same server; or when there are version or resource constraints that could significantly impact security, reliability, or performance for other customers on a shared system.  These systems use a least privilege security model and permissions are scoped to the individual database whenever possible.  SQL Server versions are restricted to those in Microsoft Mainstream Support unless explicitly unsupported by the product or vendor.  

There is a monthly charge to the customer for the virtual machine and MS SQL Server license & support. 


Departmental Test Instance 

This offering is intended for medium‐large application development workgroups with multiple custom applications supported.  This PaaS style solution primarily mirrors the security model used on the workgroup's production system(s) (Shared Hosting or Dedicated) with additional server-level functionality exposed to facilitate DevOps practices. 

There is a monthly charge to the customer for the virtual machine and MS SQL Server license & support. 


Mission Critical Instance 

This offering is intended to support systems necessary for core operations of the university. These environments are architected to provide high performance and high availability.



ITS Oversight

Some systems have business requirements that prevent the use of service offerings listed above.  In order to leverage licensing under the Microsoft Campus Enterprise Agreement, OneIT customers agree to receive periodic review to ensure that institutional policies and security best practices are applied to these systems. MS SQL Server systems managed by Healthcare Information Systems (HCIS) or licensed outside of the Microsoft Campus Enterprise Agreement are not included. 


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September 16, 2021