The following instructions are for adding members to your team who are already a part of the UI community (faculty, staff or students). If you would like to add a non-UI person to your team, please see the next section ("To add guests from outside your organization").
Please note: In order to add members to your team, you must be the team owner. If you are not the team owner, you can submit a request to add a member to the team owner.

To add individual members:

  • For Desktop instructions, click here.
  • For iOS instructions, click here.
  • For Android instructions, click here.

To add groups of people:
While you do have the ability to add multiple members to a team using a distribution list, security group, and/or Office 365 group, it is important to note the following things:

  • Adding a distribution list, security group, and/or Office 365 group can be done, but it is essentially a snapshot of the list or group members at that point in time. Any new list or group members will need to be manually added to the team as there is not currently a sync functionality with AD.
  • Likewise, if a team member switches departments, is no longer working on the project, or leaves the UI you must manually remove those team members from the team as this will not automatically sync when they are removed from the distribution list, security group or Office 365 Group.
  • If you wish to add a distribution list, security group or Office 365 group to your team, please follow the instructions here.
    Note: you must use the desktop or web app in order to do this. This option is not available for iOS or Android.

To add guests from outside your organization:
If you wish to collaborate with individuals who are non-UI faculty, staff or students, you can do so by adding a guest to your team. While guests have the ability to use most of the common features of Teams, they will have fewer capabilities than team members (as illustrated here).

  • To add a guest and work with them in Teams, click here.
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December 19, 2019