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Microsoft Teams is your online chat-based hub for teamwork integrated with your Office 365 email account. It is an app that helps you and your team have real-time conversations using chat or video chat, securely share and collaborate on files, and plan meetings or projects with others at the University of Iowa using the various built-in and add-on collaboration tools. Teams has native use of your Office 365 account including: Email and calendar, OneDrive, and OneNote. Additionally, there is integration with Office Online apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

Microsoft Teams is enabled for all Student, Faculty and Staff Hawk IDs as of March 18, 2020.  


*NEW: Master working from home with Microsoft Teams (30 min. training session)

Getting Help

Have a question about Microsoft Teams, or one of it's features? Check out the Microsoft Teams Help Center, which includes a variety of resources for troubleshooting and training.


Microsoft Training

Instructor-led Training Courses:
Microsoft hosts a series of free, live, online training courses to help get you up and running with Teams. Training options are available for all skill levels from end users to IT admins. Some of the training sessions you will find include:

End User Training for Microsoft Teams:
These online training modules are designed to allow you to learn Microsoft Teams at your leisure. Some of the items you can find on this page include:

  • Welcome to Teams & Teams Overview
  • Setting up Teams
  • Teams & Channels
  • Microsoft Teams Quick Start
  • Microsoft Teams Training Videos

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