Answering these questions will ensure that Section X.4 (Electronic Records) of your HawkIRB application is adequately detailed. Please refer to this webpage for guidance on data classification levels and approved IT services.

  1. Who is responsible for the electronic devices accessing the research data? This is usually an IT staff member located in your department.
  2. Where do you collect, store, and analyze your electronic data? Please list all devices, services, and storage drives you intend to use (e.g. UI-managed computer/laptop, personal device, UI Qualtrics, UI Zoom, UI OneDrive, RDSS, etc.).
  3. How is data shared among team members both internally and externally? Please list the mechanism in which you intend to share data with others (e.g. SFTP, UI OneDrive, REDCap, e-mail, mail, etc.) and if the data will be sent as-s or in a modified state (e.g. de-identified, anonymized, etc.).
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October 21, 2020