When you leave the University, access to data on your Home Drive (H:) and OneDrive at the University is removed with the following rules:


If you are a student, you can continue to access to your Home Drive (H:) and OneDrive data for 2 years. 


If you are faculty, staff, or a retiree, access to your Home Drive (H:) and OneDrive is removed immediately following your last day at the University.

Service Notes

  • It is recommended that you download your data before leaving campus.
  • If you are off-campus, Home Drives are only available by connecting to the VPN. 
  • All data is archived for 6 months (e.g., students have 2 years + 6 months; faculty, staff, or retirees have 6 months following their last day).
  • The amount of time is different with email. You get an additional 17 days to complete your business with email. 



Article number: 
Last updated: 
March 22, 2021