Once you leave the University of Iowa you will lose access to your data on your Home Drive (H:) and Office 365 OneDrive. Please review the below guides for more information on when you will lose access and how you should prepare your data prior to your departure.

Office 365 OneDrive

As a student, you maintain access to your OneDrive data for 2 years past the date of graduation or your last date of active enrollment. Please save your documents prior to the end of this 2-year window. After the 2-year mark has passed all data and files in your OneDrive will be archived for 6 months and then deleted permanently.

Home Drive (H:)

As a student, access to your Home Drive (H:) ends immediately once you are no longer actively enrolled at the university. Please save any documents prior to departing the university. The files will be archived for 6 months and then deleted permanently.

Note: To connect to your Home Drive from off-campus, a connection to the VPN through Cisco AnyConnect is required.


As a departing faculty or staff member access to your Home Drive (H:) and OneDrive is removed immediately following your last day at the University.

This data is archived for 6 months after your last day. Data recovery may be requested during this 6-month window but it is recommended that any files you wish to keep are saved prior to your departure, as recovery of your documents is not guaranteed.

For more information, see IT Services for University of Iowa Retirees and Emeritus (under the section "File Storage").

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May 18, 2021