If you have a survey that you would like to use for multiple projects or for a similar project, you can do so by creating a new Qualtrics survey based on an existing survey. This will allow you to quickly create a survey with all of the questions and formatting from your original survey, but will not include any of the survey responses collected in your original survey.

To create a new Qualtrics survey based on an existing Qualtrics survey, please follow the steps below:

  1. From your Qualtrics Dashboard, click Create a new project.
  2. Click Survey under the "Projects from scratch" section, and then click Get Started.
  3. Enter a Name for the new copied survey.
  4. Select a Folder for the new copied survey.
  5. Select Copy a survey from an existing project.
  6. Choose the survey you would like to copy.
  7. Click Create Project to finish.

After clicking “Create project,” you’ll be taken to the Survey tab where you can make edits to your new survey if desired.

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Last updated: 
July 31, 2023