Mailboxes for faculty and staff remain open after termination for two weeks and then are closed. The mailbox will subsequently be deleted after 30 days. The routing address must be changed to a personal e-mail address in order to continue receiving mail after the mailbox is closed. This can be done using HR Self Service.


If you would like to save the contents of your mailbox, there are three options.

  1. Export mailbox to a personal folder (.pst file) and use Outlook to access items saved on your local machine.
  2. Use another e-mail client like Gmail to save all your messages into your Gmail account. This can be done with the POP settings in Gmail.
  3. On your home computer, or at your new job, use an IMAP/POP client to connect to your Office 365 account and move your mail to your local machine.

Note: You have two weeks to do this before your account closes.

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Last updated: 
July 27, 2016