This page is intended to highlight general eligibility for ITS services for the University of Iowa retirees, although some departments may provide additional services or access. If you are changing to retiree or emeritus status and have questions about maintaining certain ITS services, please reach out to your local HR admin for further guidance.

Find additional information on emeritus/retirement status types in the Operations Manual. 

    Paid emeritus are eligible for the same ITS Help Desk support that is provided to current faculty/staff. 

    Retirees and unpaid emeritus are eligible for ITS Help Desk support for their HawkID, Duo, and Office 365 email accounts (only through Outlook on the web - browser-based email access).

    Personal devices are generally not supported for retirees, unpaid emeritus, or paid emeritus except for UI-specific services (e.g., Duo, Outlook, etc.)  We are not able to directly work on or repair personal devices.

    As a University of Iowa retiree, unpaid emeritus, or paid emeritus, your HawkID will remain active to allow you to access various services and computer discounts (see below for more information). Therefore, ITS recommends that you continue to update your HawkID password when you are notified that it will expire. 

    Resetting Your Own Password

    If you know your current HawkID password, you can use the Change Password Tool here:

    If you don't know your current HawkID password or if it has already expired, you can use the Reset Password Tool here:

    If neither of the above options works for you, you can also call the ITS Help Desk and an agent can reset your password over the phone. The Help Desk can be reached at 319-384-4357 during our business hours.

    Note: Once you (retire/leave your university position), you’ll retain access to Employee Self Service for a limited time. In most cases, you’ll have access for one year after you were last paid. This lets you access your W-2 and other information for tax-filing purposes.

    For more information about Employee Self Service access, contact the ITS Help Desk.

    When you retire from the UI, you can either switch your email to route to a personal email account or you can keep your Office 365 Account.  See My Office 365 Email Account is Closing - What Should I Do Checklist

    Change your Routing Address to a Personal Account

    You can change your routing address to a personal email account (e.g., Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo – all free email services). This ensures that you will continue to receive email sent to your UI email address ( and limits the number of email accounts you need to check after retirement. More details on changing your routing address can be found here.

    Note: If you need to update your routing address after your access to HR Self-Service has ended, you can contact the ITS Help Desk to have that done for you.

    Information on moving email from your University account to a personal account can be found at Moving Email From O365 to an Alternate Email Account


    Keep Your Office 365 Account:

    ITS will continue to provide email accounts to UI retirees under the following conditions:

    • UI Office 365 Retiree accounts will remain open unless you request to close it by contacting the ITS Help Desk.  
    • University of Iowa Help Desk staff will provide support for browser-based email access only (  This does not include support for email apps such as Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.  For more information using Outlook on the web, see How to use Outlook on the web for Office 365   Documentation is available if you wish to connect your email account to an email app or mobile device, however, no support is available.
    • Retirees must not be employed by any other organization
    • Uses of University information technology resources are not completely private as the information contained will be subject to the University's obligation to respond to subpoenas or other court orders, reasonable discovery requests, and public requests for documents pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 22, the Public (Open) Records Law
    • Not to be used for personal commercial gain
    • Not to be used for personal political activities such as campaigning for candidates for public office, or for lobbying of public officials
    • Unless authorized to speak for the University, users should avoid creating the impression they are doing so
    • Not to be used to represent users as employees of the University

    Emeritus faculty will retain their Office 365 account

    Shared Departmental and Resource Office 365 accounts 

    Before you leave the university, you should update the owner of any shared departmental and resource Office 365 email accounts you own.  You should also make sure to have your HawkID removed from access to the accounts, even if you aren't the owner. 

    Retirees - Vendors do not offer licensing to retirees for home use. As of January 1, 2019, licensing no longer covers Microsoft Office. Before you retire, you will want to be sure to transfer ownership of any important files saved in Office 365 ( to another user/s, and save any personal files you wish to keep.

    Unpaid Emeritus are covered for on-campus use/UI departmental computer if applicable. 

    • If Emeritus are interested in using the software for on-campus/UI departmental computer, they should contact their departmental IT group. 
    • Vendors do not offer licensing for home use for unpaid Emeritus.

    Paid Emeritus are covered for on and off-campus use. 

    • If Emeritus are interested in using the software for on-campus/UI departmental computer, they should contact their departmental IT group. 

    Retirees:  On the day you retire you will lose access to your H: drive and OneDrive for Business. Before you retire, transfer any departmental files to others in your department and save any personal files you wish to keep. You will not have access after your last day.

    Emeritus:  If you have an official Emeritus designation from HR before your last day, you will retain access to your Home Drive and OneDrive.  If this does not happen before your last day, you will lose access to your files. 

    For more information, see What Happens to My Files When I Leave the University.

    Retirees:  RDSS and LSS access closes immediately when your status changes to Retiree.

    Emeritus: RDSS and LSS access remains if your status changes to Emeritus before your last day at the University.  If it doesn’t change before then, you will lose access immediately when your appointment with the university ends.


    Emeritus users retain access to ICON. Retirees typically do not retain access to ICON; ICON access is revoked when the user's status changes from faculty/staff to retiree.


    Retirees and non-paid emeritus do not retain access to their licensed Zoom account provided through the University of Iowa. Zoom access is revoked when the user's status changes from faculty/staff to retiree.

    Paid emeritus users retain access to the licensed Zoom account.


    Emeritus and retiree users do not lose access to UICapture unless by request. For more information, contact the ITS Help Desk at 319-384-4357 or via email at


    You will lose access to the Qualtrics web-based survey tool when you leave. If you own any surveys, you will want to transfer ownership to another person at the university if they will continue to be used. See more information about Qualtrics.

    Hawk Alert

    You will lose access to the Hawk Alert system when you leave. See more information about Hawk Alert.


    • General retirees lose access to VPN immediately
    • Emeritus Faculty or Emeritus Staff retain access to VPN services so long as they are still in Emeritus status

    Skype for Business

    Your phone number will automatically deprovision when your appointment with the university ends. Skype for Business access will close immediately when your appointment with the university ends. If you own a Tel-xxx account, you will need to have the account owner changed to a current employee and have your access removed from the account.

    As a University of Iowa retiree, unpaid emeritus, or paid emeritus, you are eligible for discounts on computer purchases.

    As a retiree, unpaid emeritus, or paid emeritus from the University of Iowa, you have access to the ITC computer labs on campus and the UI Wireless network using your HawkID and password.  

    Retired and emeritus faculty are not covered under our contract with LinkedIn Learning (previously Members of the Iowa City Public Library can access LinkedIn Learning through the library.

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