This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page will provide you with everything you need to know regarding Qualtrics@Iowa accounts (powered by Qualtrics), including how to obtain an account, what type of accounts are available, eligibility, forgotten passwords, renewing accounts, and much more.

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Any faculty, staff or student at The University of Iowa can access the campus-wide site license for Qualtrics by authenticating with their Hawk ID and Hawk ID Password at the following customized University of Iowa portal:

If you have forgotten your Hawk ID password, please see the following page for options to reset your password:  Alternately, you can contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance.

Generally, any person with a HawkID is eligible for a Qualtrics@Iowa account (current faculty, staff or student).

Included in our contract with Qualtrics is free support for the UI community.  To access this support, please select one of the following options below:

Phone Support: 800-340-9194 (9am–8pm EST, Monday-Friday)
Email Support

Your Qualtrics account will remain active with The University of Iowa as long as you are eligible (e.g., current faculty, staff or student).  There are no expiration dates associated with accounts - your account will continue to remain active as long as you are eligible for the service at The University of Iowa.

If you will be leaving The University of Iowa, we encourage you to contact Qualtrics to discuss options for transferring your UI account to a personal account.  Doing so will allow you access to your account and prevent any interruptions to any active surveys.

Each Qualtrics@Iowa account is tied to your individual Hawk ID.  That said, only one Qualtrics ID can be associated with each Hawk ID.  If you would like to provide access to your surveys with others (e.g., groups or departments collaborating on a survey or surveys), you may provide access to other individuals within (or even outside) The University of Iowa by using the Collaborate feature in Qualtrics.

No, there is not a limit to the number of surveys you publish with your Qualtrics account.

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December 11, 2019