This set of categories for mass mailings will expand to include additional categories, as needed.

Mail distributions processed by the UI Mass Mail service include the category keyword in the Subject line, enclosed with brackets [ ]. This keyword can be used when setting up e-mail rules. For more information on rules, see "How to Filter and Setup Rules for E-mail Messages."

Mailings to categories in section I below are not optional. Students may set their Mass Mail preferences for section II mailings in MyUI. Faculty/staff should set their preferences for section II mailings in HR Self Service.   See Opting Out of Mass Mail and Using Mass Mail Filters

We recommend that you use rules to move unwanted messages into a separate folder. Then, periodically review the subject lines in this folder and discard the unwanted messages.

I. University Administration, USG and GPSG 

  • University Administration [Category Keyword: UnivAdm]

    • Notices of institutional importance to the university community.

    • Inform all students about issues that affect them as students (registration, financial aid, health and safety, etc.)

    • Inform students, faculty, and staff of issues.

  • Academic Mailings [Category Keyword: UnivAdm]

    • Mailings to selected students about academic matters, financial aid matters, or university admission.

  • University of Iowa Undergraduate Student Government  [Category Keyword: USG(Adm)]

    • Required for Students: Inform undergraduate students about major policy decisions (e.g., tuition) and activities of USG that affect all students.
  • University of Iowa Graduate and Professional Student Government [Category Keyword: GPSG(Adm)]

    • Required for Students: Inform graduate and professional students about major policy decisions (e.g., tuition) and activities of GPSG that affect all students.

II. Student Organizations, Departmental Information and Research Recruitment  

  • Student Organizations  [Category Keyword: Studorg]
    Prior to submission and approval of a mass email that promotes events or meetings, the events and meetings must be approved through the Engage Platform.  Additional information about managing your student organization can be found here.

    • Registered Student Organizations
      Provide information to students about any recognized student organization. Some examples include Iowa Student Bar Association, Minority MBA Association, Honor Societies such as Mortar Board, National Society of Black Engineers, Political Science Club, Pre-Physical Therapy Organization, Black Student Union, Scuba Club, SHARQ, Science Fiction League

    • Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL)
      Provide information to students about any recognized student fraternity and/or sorority. Some examples include Sigma Phi Epsilon, Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority, Inc.

    • Sport Club
      Provide information to students about any recognized student sport club.  Some examples include Men's Ice Hockey Club, Hawkeye Boxing Club, Men's Water Polo Club, Women's Water Polo, Men's Club Soccer, Women's Soccer, Wrestling, Badminton, Sailing

  • Departmental Information [Category Keyword: DeptInfo]
    Provide information to students, faculty, and staff about university departmental events and activities which may be of interest -- not limited to Hancher, Museum of Art, Athletics, Recreation, International Education, Dance Department, Theatre, etc.


  • Research Recruitment [Category Keyword: Research]
    Messages for the purpose of recruiting subject participants for research studies that have been approved by one of the UI Institutional Review Boards (


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August 11, 2023