eduroam is the wireless network available to campus.

eduroam, short for education roaming, is a worldwide consortium of colleges and universities that provide wireless internet access across research and education networks. Students, researchers, faculty, and staff can connect to participating institutions' wireless networks with their home institution's user credentials.

The easiest way to configure your mobile device for eduroam is to connect to the eduroam network directly and use your and password to authenticate. Please see our configuration instructions.

Over 400 U.S. institutions participate in eduroam, and amongst thousands of other organizations worldwide. Visit eduroam for a list of participating schools. Once you configure your device for eduroam network access on your home institutions campus, you can connect to other member networks using your eduroam username and passphrase.

More information about eduroam can be found at

Guests from other eduroam institutions should pre-configure their device on their home network before connecting to the UI eduroam network. If you have done that, connect directly to the eduroam network and use your home institutions' credentials to log in. If you have issues connecting, contact your home institution's IT support for assistance.

Also, the UI-Guest network can be used by campus guests to connect to the Internet. More information about the UI-Guest network can be found on the ITS support website

You can remove or forget a network by following these instructions from the ITS support site.

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January 23, 2020