In some cases, you may need to verify that the respondents are UI faculty, staff or students when taking a survey - examples of this would be when you are using Qualtrics to conduct voting (staff council, student government, etc), or when using Qualtrics to conduct a quiz in the classroom.

If you have created a survey and would like to require respondents to authenticate with their Hawk ID and Hawk ID password in order to access the survey, please follow the steps below:

Note:  If you would like to capture identifying information about your respondents in your HawkID authenticated survey (such as HawkID, name, or email address), please see article 100526.

  1. From the Survey tab, click the Survey Flow link at the top of the page
  2. From the Survey Flow page, click the +Add a New Element Here link
  3. From the list of options available to add, click the Authenticator button
  4. From Authentication Type, select SSO
    Note: Remove the checkmark next to "Associate Respondent With Panel"
  5. From the SSO Type, select Shibboleth
  6. Click Move (under the blue authentication box), and drag the blue box up to the top of the survey flow (this should be the first item in your survey flow if you wish to have respondents authenticate first in order to access the survey).
  7. Click the Save Flow button at the bottom of the screen.

 Your settings should look like this once you have completed steps 1-7 above:

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July 25, 2016