All Day Events are like "sticky notes" and are useful for reminding you of something happening that day or letting others know you are out of the office.

When you create an All Day Event (if you select the ‘All day event’ checkbox), the event shows as a full 24-hour event lasting from midnight to midnight unless you mark the time as Free. 

  • When inviting others, you may want to change the response options so that each attendee doesn't need to respond to the invite.  This is useful when tracking attendance is not necessary. 
  • You may also want to turn off the Reminder option, especially if it is a vacation notice. 

Consider making these changes before sending out the invite so that you are not bombarded with all the calendar responses and also so that the All Day Event doesn't show as Busy on everyone's calendar:

  1. In the Attendees group, select the 'Response Options' drop-down and deselect ‘Request Responses’.
  2. In the Options group, change the ‘Show As’ drop-down from Busy to Free and change the ‘Reminder’ drop-down from 18 hours to None. 
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Last updated: 
May 23, 2016