Registering a computer

Log into the PowerUp site with your HawkID and password and browse the list of computers already available to you. If you don't see the computer you are looking for, click on the advanced Power Up configuration link below the Computer Discovery header.

On the page it takes you to, begin typing in a computer name in the first box. If you wait a second after typing a snippet of the name, the page will try to autocomplete the computer name. 

An example of auto complete on the computer name text box.

If it is able to autocomplete the name, the site will populate the Physical Address and Default Gateway Address for you. If autocompletion did not succeed, you will have to provide this information. Click the info icon next to each step to see more information about how to obtain this data for your system.

If your computer is on the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics network, on ResNet, or on certain other campus networks, including the wireless network, you won't be able to register it.

Unregistering a Computer

To remove a computer you have manually registered, click the Remove button under the computer icon.

An image showing the location of the remove button in PowerUp

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January 13, 2020