Cent OS is a free, enterprise-class, community-supported OS compatible with its upstream source Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

FileVault2 Encryption

This service provides a simplified administrative interface for managing and monitoring FileVault2 encryption on MacOS systems. It also offers enhanced protection against data theft and data exposure for MacOS systems that are lost or stolen.

ITS Laptop and Projector Rental

The ITS rental service offers short-term notebook computer and portable projector rentals for UI departments needing equipment for conferences, short term, travel and other purposes.

Mac and iOS Management

Also known as: 
JAMF Pro is the leading endpoint management solution for Apple devices.

Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MS ECM)

Also known as: 
System Center Configuration Manager
Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, formerly called System Center Configuration Manager, is a free tool to help manage Windows systems across the network right from your own desk.


From any computer, the PowerUp tool allows you to wake up an on-campus computer that has been powered off.


Also known as: 
Configuration Management
Puppet Enterprise
Puppet software is a configuration management and automation tool.