Access Management

Access Management is a self-service membership management tool built for the University of Iowa. With Access Management, you can manage your groups and access to resources from one central location using a familiar interface.

Account/Identity Management

ITS-AIS provides identity and access management (IAM) services including account provisioning, authentication, and tools.

Active Directory

Active Directory allows for enterprise authentication using a single HawkID (unique login ID).


The HawkID is the unique personal electronic identification for faculty, staff, students, and guests. It functions as a username that grants access to many online UI services.

Phonebook/Email Lookup

ITS-AIS provides interfaces and lookups to campus white pages directory. Directory information may be updated here.


ITS-AIS provides tools to enable federated authentication using local credentials (HawkID and password) for access to local and remote resources.

Two-Step Login with Duo Security

A device (usually a mobile phone) is used to verify identity after entering a HawkID and password to log in to university applications with sensitive data. Duo Security is the vendor providing Two-Step Login services to the University.