Type of License
Annual (expires annually, eligible for upgrades during that year)
License Renewal Date
Jul 31 2025
How do you obtain the software
Contact your department IT support person(s).
Health Care users should contact HCIS to acquire this tool.
Who Can Use
IT Professionals
How can the software be used
Academic (teaching purposes)
Academic Research (UI funded research)
Administrative (business purposes)
Where can the software be used
UI owned Systems On Campus
UI owned Systems Off Campus
Faculty & Staff Home Use (personally owned system)
Student Home Use (personally owned system)
Agreement Name
Various agreements and terms for campus use.
Evaluation Date
Jun 15 2023
Risk Category
Additional License Information

If you are interested in this tool, please work with your IT support person(s). Your IT support person will help you determine if this is the best tool for your use, work with you to resolve possible risks, and obtain the tool.

The technology you have elected to purchase or obtain may tend to pose barriers to participation for some users, and it is recommended that you and your IT support person submit an Equally Effective Alternate Access Plan and be completed before deployment of this technology. Purchasing and Procuring Accessible Technology.

Cloud Computing information. Approved for use with non-sensitive data.  If this tool is web or cloud-based your IT support person(s) should work with the Identity Management team to set up single sign-on.  If this is not an option, use passwords separate from the user’s University Hawk/Healthcare IDs.

Strict export language, please verify that your use of the software will not involve users from any of the embargoed countries.  List of countries:  https://www.bis.doc.gov/index.php/policy-guidance/country-guidance/sanct....

ArcGIS Online - When requesting this service please indicate if the use is for Educational or  Administrative Use. Administrative Use: Asset mapping, facility management, demographic analysis, routing, campus safety, and accessibility analysis. Licensee shall not use Products for revenue-generating or for-profit purposes.