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Large Scale Storage is available to all University of Iowa faculty, staff, departments and researchers.  LSS provided through ITS is cost-effective and scalable without compromising performance.  LSS is useful for backups, archiving, and storing large files (e.g. video or image files).  LSS is also optimized for HPC workloads that demand high bandwidth and storage and is especially appropriate for researchers working with large data sets in need of additional backups.  LSS does not support complex nested permissions inside a single file share. Support for this service is available Monday-Friday during normal working hours. 

Benefits of LSS

  • Affordable
  • 1TB-100TB+ shared space
  • Daily backups and snapshots help recover a deleted file (or a different version of a file) as far back as 30 days, unless other increments are needed
  • Replication copies files to a remote site for disaster recover (optional)
  • Access from off campus is available through VPN (UI Anywhere) or Virtual Desktop

How to subscribe

Request an LSS share

Unsure if LSS is right for you?

View a comparison of research data storage options.

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Large Scale Storage (LSS) Contact Information

Questions? Contact research-computing@uiowa.edu