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We would expect to update the hardware at least every 3 years. It is possible that circumstances may warrant refreshing before 3 years. The department should be prepared for this contingency. On the other hand, it may not be necessary to refresh the hardware at the end of 3 years. ITS will work with the department in either case to reach an agreement on refreshing hardware.

If departments agree and the application can share the server with other departments’ applications, the cost can be shared among the departments.

ITS will help to make sure that the server you acquire will meet your application requirements, but the hardware vendor and model will be the responsibility of ITS. Any application software licensing will be the responsibility of the customer/department.

ITS will install and setup the application software, but the support of the specific application must be the responsibility of the department. ITS will backup and monitor your application. In case of outages, we will contact the appropriate people in your department and help to restore your service.

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