I get some channels, but not all of them:
To setup your television to receive all channels available on campus, use your TV’s auto scan feature to program the channels into your TV. The process for doing this is not the same for all TVs but you can try the general instructions:

  • Go to the Menu or Setup screen on the television
  • Find a section named Channel or Setup. Select Cable
  • Look for Auto Channel Search or Channel Scan and select that option
  • The scan may take some time to complete. Be sure not to interrupt the process to ensure your TV correctly programs all available channels

If the steps provided above do not work, please refer to the owner’s manual of your TV for instructions on completing an auto scan. If you know the model number of the TV (usually on a sticker on the back of the unit) you can also go to Google and search for instructions. For example, if you have a Samsung X28i, you can search for “Samsung X28i auto scan”. You may even find videos on performing the task on YouTube.

Find brand-specific instructions here. Note: These instructions are still somewhat generic and may not work for your particular TV model.

If you have a Digital TV:

Not all new or recently purchased TV’s will function as a small percentage of “off-brand” TV’s like “Element” may not be equipped with a clear QAM tuner. However, different models of “Element TV’s” have been equipped with the QAM tuner. Please review the technical specifications on any new TV. The majority of newer TV’s will work properly.

My TV shows the channel line-up in a different numbering sequence. Am I getting the proper feed or is the ITS digital channel line-up incorrect?  

  • If given a choice of STD, HRC, or IRC for auto-scanning options please select STD. Some digital television sets have tuners that change the channel numbering sequence even if scanned with STD.
  • All channels should still be received, but may show on different channel numbers than what is shown on the ITS digital channel line-up chart. This channel line-up variance is a product of the specific TV's tuner and is not anything that ITS can control.
  • A known TV manufacturer that we have encountered this with is Samsung but others may do the same. If you are missing multiple channels within the line-up please let us know.

If these questions do not resolve your issue or answer your questions please contact ITS at 319-335-2949.

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August 18, 2017