Basic Pricing

Item Cost
Default Virtual Server $70 per month

Additional Cost Information



Default Guest OS Machine $70 per month
Default CPU 1

Base RAM

2 GB
Storage Combination of system and user space typically $0.17/GB per month
Guest OS Management Included
Access to Virtual Center Console Included
Storage Options Different cost/performance tiers available (iSCSI, NAS, Fiber Channel). Billed monthly in addition to base VM price.
Additional CPU $10 per CPU per month
Additional Memory $5 per GB per month
Re-Create VM Included
Modification to VM Configuration Included
File Backup Included
5-day Snapshot Included
Guest OS Support 1 hour per month include in base monthly price
Additional Support $75 per hour
MS SQL Enterprise $40 per month


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Last updated: 
December 17, 2018