Data Center Operations & Services

ITS will host servers and applications required by the institution. These applications will be hosted on servers that are maintained on a 24x7 basis, meet mutually agreeable requirements, and are housed in a secure and environmentally sound computer

Enterprise Data Center

Scheduling infrastructure work requires considerable coordination. It is important that we schedule the work when it is least intrusive on the entire user community. It is important that we have key staff and vendors on site.

Enterprise Server Hosting

ITS provides colocation services in the campus Data Center. The service provides customers with a secure location and network connectivity for housing mission-critical servers.


This solution is intended to assist departmental technical staff in determining whether the ITS shared LAMP service is appropriate for the needs of their department.


Servlet container for Java & JSP based web applications

Virtual Server

In simple terms, virtualization means that we will employ one big server instead of several smaller ones. The current ratio is about 30 to 1, meaning 1 big server will do the work of 30 smaller ones.