Users can add people such as faculty, staff, and students to the directory on their SiteNow page.

Instructions for creating a directory and adding to it

1. Click 'Add content' in the shortcut toolbar.

2. Click 'Person.' 

     This will create a directory of faculty, staff, and students to the site.

      Note: This will NOT give users access to the site.

3. You must give a first and last name to every added person. 

 4. A photo can also be added by clicking 'Browse,' selecting an image, clicking 'Upload,' 'Next,' and entering alternative and (optionally) title text. 

 5. Other information such as phone number, email, website, and office can be added but at not required.

            If a website is added, a valid URL will automatically be formatted as a link when the person is published.

6. A résumé can also be added. Uploaded résumés must be less than 50MB and be uploaded as one of the specified file formats (txt, pdf, doc, docx).

7. Click 'Save' when you are finished creating your person.

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Last updated: 
June 27, 2016