Shared Departmental Account Request Form (Faculty and Staff)

Student Organizations Request Form 

Naming Standards for Microsoft 365 Shared Accounts and Resources

If you need to give access to a shared account to an individual, you should contact the account owner for the request.  The account owner should contact their IT Support person or the ITS Help Desk and ask them to add the person to the security group for the account. This will give the user permissions to access the account. 

NOTE:  These instructions work for both departmental accounts and student organization accounts. 

Adding An Additional Mailbox

Note: Sent items will be put in your personal Sent Items folder unless your IT person has added a RegEdit to save to the shared account sent items or a server side setting has been applied.

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click the File tab | select Account Settings | select Account Settings
  3. Select your account and click Change
  4. Click More Settings
  5. Click the Advanced tab
  6. Click Add
  7. Type the account name and click Add
  8. Click Ok to closeout

Outlook New

Please see Outlook for Windows "New" Toggle Features for instructions


    "NEW" Outlook Toggle

    1. Select Tools | Accounts
    2. Select Delegation and Sharing
    3. Select the "Shared with me" tab
    4. Click the plus (+) sign to add a new account
    5. Search for the account, select it, and click Add.
    6. Click Done.
    7. Close Preferences.

    NOTE:  Accounts added in the "new" Outlook, don't show up/display in "old" Outlook. 

    Legacy Outlook toggle

    1. Launch Outlook 
    2. Choose Outlook | Preferences
    3. Select your account and click the Advanced button.
    4. Select the Delegates tab.
    5. Click the plus (+) sign below the "Open these additional mailboxes" field
    6. Search for the name of the shared account
    7. Select the account name and click Add
    8. Click OK
    9. Close Preferences


    1. From a web browser, visit the University of Iowa Microsoft 365 portal.
    2. Log in with your and HawkID password
    3. Click the Outlook icon on the left-side menu
    4. Click the person icon in the top right corner
    5. Choose Open another mailbox
    6. Type the account name and click OK (e.g., helpdesk), select the account, then click Open.
    7. The shared account will display in a new tab.

    Note:  If you end up seeing your personal mailbox when you select Open go back a repeat step 6 and 7 again.  Sometimes it helps to send a test message to the shared mailbox first so the email for the account has resolved in your profile.

    Outlook for iOS app

    1. Open the Outlook app on your mobile device
    2. Tap the initials in the upper left corner
    3. Tap Settings (gear icon)
    4. Tap Add Mail Account
    5. Tap Add Shared Mailbox
    6. Type the account id (e.g., it-help or studorg-club)
    7. Tap Add Shared Mailbox. The account will display in Mail Accounts as Microsoft 365 - Delegate Mailbox.


    Outlook for Android app

    1. Open the Outlook app on your mobile device
    2. Tap the three lines in the upper left corner
    3. Tap Settings (gear icon)
    4. Tap Add Account
    5. Tap Add a Shared Mailbox
    6. Type the account id (e.g., it-help or studorg-club)
    7. Tap Continue.   The account will display in the mailbox list.

    See Email and Calendar on Your Mobile Device for instructions if you don't use the Outlook app.

    If you are using Outlook, make sure the account has been added to your profile using steps above

    1. Click New Email
    2. Click the down arrow next to the "From" field
    3. Click Other email address...
    4. Click From... 
    5. In the Search: field, type the name of the account
    6. In the Address Book: field, scroll to the Global Address List - option

    image of GAL





    1. Click the arrow to the right of the account name in the Search: field
    2. Your account should be listed in the box.  Click OK in the lower right
    3. Click OK in the Send From Other Email Address box. The From field changes to the shared account.

    The next time you send a message from the shared account, when you click the From field, the shared account address will already be there and you can just select it.


    Beginning December 20, 2022, all new shared departmental or student org accounts will be created with a server level policy so sent messages will appear in the shared account Sent Items folder.

    Account owners for existing shared departmental or student org accounts can request to have the setting added at the server level to those accounts as well -- contact with the ids/email address for the shared accounts you would like updated. 

    If you have a shared or departmental account added to your Microsoft 365 as an Additional Mailbox, it is possible to configure the sent messages to appear in the shared accounts sent folder instead of your personal sent items.

    1. You can request a server side setting to have all messages saved in the shared account Sent Items folder
    2. You can change the registry for each user of the shared account to add a registry setting that will place a copy in the shared account sent items. To have these settings configured, please reach out to your local ITS support team or  
    3. You can setup a rule to move the items from your personal Sent Items to the shared account Sent Items



    You may want to set an auto-reply on your shared account so that every person who sends a message to the account receives an email back (e.g., your message was received).

    1. Log in to Outlook on the web with your HawkID and password. 
    2. Click the Outlook icon.
    3. Click the Mail icon
    4. Click the picture icon in the upper right corner (it may have your initials or your picture).
    5. Click Open another mailbox.
    6. Type the account name, select it and click Open.
    7. Click the Settings (gear) icon.
    8. Select View all Outlook settings
    9. Select Mail
    10. Select Automatic Replies.
    11. Fill in the necessary information and click Save.
    12. Exit Outlook on the web


    If you want your primary account and shared account to be displayed in the same window on Outlook on the web

    1. Login to Outlook on the web
    2. Click the Outlook icon.
    3. Click the Mail icon
    4. Right-click on "Folders" on the left-hand side of the window directly above your inbox.
    5. From the dropdown window, select "Add shared folder...".
    6. A new window will pop up with a search bar and an "Add" button. Type in the name of your shared account and press Enter.
    7. You should see your mailbox come up, select it and click the "Add" button.
    8. Your new shared mailbox should appear below your main account. You can expand it to display the shared account Inbox and other folders.

    If you have multiple accounts that you check and you want to search a shared mailbox, you should change the default search from "All Mailboxes" to "Current Folder" so it searches the current folder of the shared mailbox.   Searching All Mailboxes doesn't always give results from the shared mailbox. 

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