Events which are entered into the UI events calendar system (Localist) may be displayed on SiteNow websites.

To display events from the UI events calendar on your website, follow the directions to place a content pane on a page and at step #4 select the "Localist Events" category.

The Localist Events pane provides many configuration options to select which events from the UI Events calendar display on your website and how the events are displayed.

Configuration form for a Localist Events pane

To expand or collapse the "Filters" section in the the "Filter events" section, which has options for selecting events to display by "Event Type", "Department", "Audence", "General Interest" and "Places", click on the "Filters" link.

Filters for event type, department, audience, general interest and places on Loclist Pane configuration form
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September 13, 2017